Chomwedzi Apiculture

Chomwedzi Apiculture was started in 2012 in the remote picturesque mountains of the Eastern Highlands of Zimbabwe. It originally begun to capacity build traditional beekeepers to manage hives better, for the purpose of mitigating wild fires caused by smoking out bees from traditional log and bark hives. The project now runs workshops to teach traditional beekeepers how to make professional top bar beehives and harvest honey ethically and correctly in order to look after bee colonies and habitats. From one village, Chomwedzi Apiculture now has approximately 23 communities and growing, spread over an area in excess of 120kms. This initiative is aimed at providing local communities an alternative source of income and incorporates women's groups to process organic honey by hand as well as create wax products made from bees wax and locally grown sustainable carrier oils and local essential oils. The goal of this project is to expand, incorporate more women's groups, support more communities through ethical and correct beekeeping methods and sell organic local honey to a greater market, thus supporting rural communities throughout Zimbabwe. 

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