Our Projects

The projects in Zimbabwe form a small part of Scout Green Africa’s commitments and include initiatives such as beekeeping, moringa plantations, fire fighting, subsistence farming assistance, anti-poaching programs, community development and wildlife rescue and rehabilitation programmes.

We are out there to film and expose what they are working on so that you can follow the developments and support the initiatives too.

Bush Fire Fighters 

Carbon Green in conjunction with the Kariba Redd project in Zimbabwe is working with local communities in the Zambezi Valley to form fire fighting committees to prevent and fight the spread of bush fires. Bush fires are a massive threat to the environment, local habitats, wildlife and the communities themselves. We are looking to fundraise for more equipment, education and engagement of larger communities to spread the programme into more areas across Zimbabwe. 

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Chomwedzi Apiculture

Chomwedzi Apiculture is a community led organisation that is committed to the protection of bees and their natural habitat. Their goal is to produce the highest quality honey and wax based products that are sustainable and ethically collected from beehives across Zimbabwe. This project constantly strives to improve the quality of life for the local communities through employment and education. 

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Nutritional Gardening

Carbon Green in conjunction with Kariba Redd+ is working with local communities to create community gardens to enhance food security and nutrition during times of drought. The programme is a woman-led initiative empowering local women to grow their own produce and provide for their families. Along with developing community gardens, the project has built schools along side the gardens for the children to attend while the women are harvesting their vegetables. So far the beneficiaries of this project is over 2,800 individuals. We are needing funds to grow the project and drill more boreholes for water access. 

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